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There have been tremendous advances in contact lens technology, including contact lenses for dry eye problems, astgmatism, and bifocal contact lenses.  If you have not been a candidate for contacts or have been unsuccessful with contacts in the past, try out today's more comfortable, clearer contacts!

Dr. Lew-Goltz has extensive experience fitting contact lenses, including specialty fits for astigmatism, multifocal, keratoconus and post-surgical eyes.  She has received the 2005 "Innovative Practitioner of Contact Lenses" Award from CIBA Vision.  She has worked as the primary optometrist within two different LASIK centers, fitting contact lenses on post-surgical eyes.  She has worked as the primary optometrist within a 5-surgeon ophthalmology practice, also fitting contact lenses on post-surgical eyes and keratoconus.   

Our office has many brands of contact lens trials in stock, including contacts for astigmatism or multifocals.  For most prescriptions, you will usually be able to leave with a pair of contact lenses.


Experience "Contacts That Restore Near And Far Vision".

The new class of Multifocal contact lenses are comfortable, easy to use and adapt to and are relatively inexpensive. The patient has it easy with these lenses. Adaptation is fast.  The doctor must spend time analyzing the prescription to maximize vision with the lens.

The new Multifocal lens designs can give you your young eyes back!

Call our office today to set up your Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting.

Video links:

Real parents share how contacts helped their kids be their best: http://www.acuvueprofessional.com/video-webinar/parents-video

How to keep contacts comfortable during allergy season: http://www.acuvueprofessional.com/video-webinar/allergies-contacts

The new silicone hydrogel material is more breathable and can help with dry eye symptoms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWyRc_VOBfM

Myth busting with Gold medal winner soccer star, Heather O'Reilly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BvrFnMCN_s

Not sure if contact lenses are right for you?                 We offer a "In-Office Test Drive Program for Contact Lenses"

In Office Test-Drive Program for contact lenses

We realize that some patients that are new to contact lenses ( or have had problems with contacts in the past) are not sure if they are able to wear today's latest contacts comfortably.  These patients sometimes are hestiant to go through an entire contact lens evaluation just to find out that they cannot.  If you are wondering if you can wear contacts comfortably, ask about our complimentary program. 

After your routine vision exam is completed, the doctor can discuss your contact lens options with you.  With your permission, the doctor can insert contact lenses with your prescription in your eyes.  You will be able to test out these contact lenses in the office to determine if contact lenses are right for you.  If you decide that you like them, she will then proceed with the contact lens evaluation process.  Otherwise, if you decide you do not like them, she will remove the contact lenses for you.